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  • This nuptial flight starter kit will set you up for the nuptial flights this year. Included in this kit are several queen collection vials which can be used to easily scoop up queens when out and about. Also included are a dropper bottle and tweezers. These will make your life easier when maintaining your newly caught queens and eventually help when she develops into a full blown colony.  An addition you can make to your kit is the The Guide to The Amazing Life of Ants and How to Care For Them for only £2 extra (50% off retail value). This 30 page guide will give you all the knowledge needed to begin your ant keeping adventure.


    This Great Kit Contains:

    5x Queen Collection Vials

    2x Test Tubes

    2x Cotton Wool Balls

    1x Water Dropper Bottle (10ml)

    1x Tweezers

    1x Guide to Catching Queen Ants

    1x Natural Burlap Bag

    1x Guide to Ant Keeping (optional)

    Nuptial Flight Starter Kit

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