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  • The large nest features natural tunnels which simulates the ants natural nests they would make in the wild. This nest also has inbuilt humidity control in the form of a sponge, which can be rehydrated without disturbing the ants. It has a crystal clear plexiglass screen which allows perfect viewing of your colony and their activities. The plexiglass is removable and as a result this nest is very easy to clean out if your ants like to make a mess. As well as a plexiglass screen, this nest comes with a lid to provide darkness for your ants and a piece of red acetate to allow you to look in on them without letting them be exposed to light. The nest has two ports, one on either side, that allow for easy connections to other nests or outworlds with the use of tubing. Our nest also has a specially designed slot at the back which will enable you to place in a heating cable and provide a temperature gradient for your ants.


    Please note that the hydration material may vary in colour.


    Will Come With:

    1x Large Nest

    1x Plexiglass Screen

    1x Nest Lid

    1x Red Acetate

    Large nest V.1

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